Témoignage d'Italie (Milan)

Ras-le-bol, mesures liberticides et injections

Hello, Thanks to Marie hosting me. I would like to give you a few information about what's going on in Italy right now.

Despite the decrease of contamination, many regions are still on hard restrictions. They are "red zone" (Italy has a system of coloured zones from white - the less restricted, to red - the most restricted). For Easter, the whole Italy is on red zone, which means basically:

1) You can go out in your town only for health reasons, necessity reasons and work reasons (as you might understand, "necessity" can have a lot of meanings).

2) You can not visit your parents or friends if you're in a red zone (with the exception of Easter day and the day after: maximum 2 people, children below 14 not considered).

3) Hairdressers, jewelleries , clothing shops are closed. Restaurants and bars open only for take away and delivery.

4) Schools like kindergartens and elementary schools are currently closed (they will reopen on April 7th), secondary schools and high schools (lycée) have online lessons.

5) Individual sport is allowed (you can take your bike and going outside for your 100 km training for instance).

Nothing else is allowed.

Considering how the laws have been changing rapidly and confusingly during this everlasting "emergency", people are starting to be fed up, and they simply don't care much. To be honest, recently even police is not harrassing people too much, considering it's almost impossible to check people during working days, as all productive sites are open, which is different from March 2020.

What the government is doing is, in my opinion, really not much. Acting always late, and without a program for reopening, many businesses are forced to close. The so called "ristori" or "sostegni" (financial help for businesses that are forced to close) are ridiculously low. And above all, the government keeps blaming people when the contamination curve rises, with a good help of "terror journalists".

The only weapon they seem to have is to accelerate the number of people to be injected with an unknown substance, called "vaccin" with all the risks it implies.

The protests are getting louder and louder, especially for categories badly hit by closings. Hope it will grow, as many people have no time and money left. They need to reopen and get back to work (restaurants, bars, gyms, swimming pools, clothing shops, among many others)!

Gianni Colombo

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